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We’ve got the right bike for you…

Always On The Move?

If planes, trains, cars or boats are part of your weekly schedule,
owning a decent foldable ebike will pay serious dividends…

E-Bikes For However
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Wouldn’t be seen dead in cycle shorts? Just want a bike you can ride in whatever clothes you want? We’ve got you covered…

Conversion Kits Are
The Future of Ebikes

We’ve put together a selection of the best
conversion kits available for you.

Conversion Kits Are
The Future of Ebikes

So we’ve put together a selection of the best conversion kits on the market for you.

Ebikeling rocks!! This kit is great. Easy installation with no problems. Shipping is fast and the kit is well packaged. Great deal!

James A, Ebikeling Customer, USA

Easy to install and works great. The pedal assist is very responsive and the throttle works well. This was the 3rd Ebikeling kit I have bought and I plan to buy more. A lot of my friends and neighbors want their bikes converted after they ride one of mine. Thanks for a great product at a great price and the prompt customer service.

Joseph B, Ebikeling Customer, USA

Great product, Even Better Service. Purchased this product a year ago and have enjoyed it daily ever since. Super easy kit to install. Light weight and the performance of this 500W / 36V geared hub is better than some 1000W 48V motors I’ve purchased elsewhere. Love the product.

Anthony G, Ebikeling Customer, USA

“The future of ebikes is going to be converting. You can go out and buy a (prebuilt) ebike, but you’re going to spend a lot more money”

Johnny Nerdout, Ebike Head Technician

If you want bang for your buck, check out our carefully curated selection of the best conversion kits on the market.

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E-Bikes For Fitness

The health benefits of owning
an E-bike are endless

Velosurance: Do you need it?

If you’re not sure what you’d do if anything bad ever happened to your beloved e-bike, this might be for you

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