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750W Electric Bicycle


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DJ Mountain Bike is an Amazon’s Choice awarded electric bike built with high-quality mainstream components. The bike is powerful, affordable, durable, quiet, clean looking, easy to use and can bring you tons of fun! This performs perfectly through the city or on light off-road trails with an integrated front headlight and suspension to absorb shocks. Whether you are a commuter, senior, casual rider or sports fan, this is the bike built for everyone.

The powerful 48V LG battery can be dismounted and charged anywhere on the go. The charger has a safety design to prevent over-charged. Enjoy scenery without sweating while saving money is the best combination. You can get them all on this zero-emission DJ Bikes.

This is the best value buy in the range of 750W/500W & 48V ebikes.

Maintenance-free Bafang geared brushless hub motor “Maintenance-free, powerful maximum 80 Nm of torque, Bafang geared brushless hub motor will allow you to span more terrain, climb hills, and explore farther with ease”

High quality Samsung or LG battery cells with UL compliant charger

“48V 13Ah high quality, long-lasting Samsung or LG battery cells with UL compliant chargers. USB port for your Smart phone! Twist the key and bring your battery in to charge”

Quality brand Shimano derailleur and gears

“Quality brand Shimano derailleur and gear shifting system is a useful feature for riders who like to pedal, extend their e-bike’s range, and travel over hilly terrain”

Pedal assist (five levels) & thumb throttle

“5 level pedal assist is a bike feature that puts the power of the motor right in your pedal stroke. The easy-to-access thumb throttle provides 500/750W of power on-demand”

Quality tires (puncture resistant coming soon) – 26″

“Long-lasting all-purpose tires with high quality compounds for a smooth, steady riding experience”

Quick release shock absorbing comfortable adjustable seats

“Enjoy long rides with this height adjustable, padded seat with shocks for added comfort”

 All accessories included, including front & rear fenders

“At DJ, you never pay more for accessories like fenders, bells, etc. Our prices include everything you see”

Preload adjustment suspension fork

“The lockout and preload adjustment controls allow riders to choose the “ride feel” they like best and make the fork spongier when riding on a rough road or trail surface for a smoother, more comfortable ride”

Name Description
Motor US Model: Powerful, Bafang rated watt 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor Powerful
CANADA Model: Powerful, Bafang rated watt 48V 500W brushless rear hub motor
Battery LG brand cells Lithium-ion 48V 13Ah, 624Wh, removable battery pack with battery lock, under seat
Charging System 120-240V with LED light status display, with UL approved for North America
Charging Time 4-8 hours
Frame 6061 grade aluminum frame, 19″
Fork Alloy aluminum with suspension, MOZO brand, adjustable pressure
Seat Post Alloy aluminum, with shock absorber, more comfortable on the way
Seat High quality cushion saddle, double colours
Seat Height Minimum: 910mm (35.82in) from the ground, 780mm (30.7in) from the pedal
Maximum:1020mm (40.15in) from the ground, 910mm (35.82in) from the pedal
Hand Grips high quality hand grips, double colours
Pedals Aluminum alloy, Wellgo brand
Wheel Size 26” (66cm)
Wheel Base 1200mm (47.2in)
Tires MTB tire 26”x 1.95”, CST brand
Rims Durable alloy rims, 26 inch
Spokes Stainless steel, black, 13g for front wheel, 12g for rear wheel
Disc Brakes Tektro brand
Brake Handles Soft grip, Alloy material
Rear Derailleur Shimano® Tourney Seven speed
Gears Shimano® Freewheel, 7 Gear, 14-34T
Controller 48V 20A, waterproof plug
Display King Meter® J – LCD display with 5 speed pedals assist function, speed indicator, backlight, local time, top riding speed, riding distance
Headlight LED, waterproof plug
Fenders Black plastics, half cover style
Cranks Aluminum, Prowheel
Speed 32km (20mph)
Riding Range 40 – 60 km (25 miles –  37 miles)
Weight Capacity 125kg (275lbs)
Product Size 1850 x 620 x 1000mm (72.83 x 24.4 x 39.37in)
Package Size 1550 x 250 x780mm (61 x 9.8 x 30.7in)
Bike Weight 26.00kg (57.32lbs)

Black Beauty is awesome, I love her!

I absolutely love this EBike. I bought the bike at the beginning of May and have ridden just under 200 km’s already. It is very quiet and pretty powerful too, The assist, really helps on the more difficult hills, or if you just want to give your legs a rest. I love the clean simple Matte Black and pop of red colour look. It’s so easy to use and I have a blast riding. She rides awesome through the city street and cruises on backroads, even a little trekking through the Ladner trails. This bike is perfect for riders of all ages and stages.

Black Beauty – The Easy Rider.

Amanda, DJ Mountain Bike Owner, Ladner

Exactly the Bike I was Looking For

I’ve now had this bike for 6 months and have over 2,400 miles on the odometer. That said, considering what I know about this bike now, I’d buy it again today, in a heartbeat. It’s an excellent bike and suites my needs exactly. Before finding this bike on Amazon I tried several bikes in local shops to understand the fundamental features. I got this bike for exercise and for my short commute to work. I needed a bike that could accommodate my bad knees, ruined by athletics and years of running on hard pavement. I am unable to effectively ride a regular bike in the area where I live, which is very hilly (Seattle area). On a normal bike (my 15-year old mountain bike) I can’t transfer enough energy to the pedals to get up the final street to my house, my knees don’t allow it. This bike takes the edge off the hills but still allows me to minimize or turn off the assist when I don’t really need it. I don’t use this bike off-road as a mountain bike. I use it for riding on paved roads and urban biking/walking trails.

There are two basic types of electric bikes, cadence sensor assist mechanisms and tension assist sensor mechanisms. The latter is the newer technology and tends to be much more expensive. However, a bike with cadence sensor technology and a throttle are much better suited for a person with bad knees like mine based on the test rides I did on various bikes.

I have not been compensated by the seller and have no affiliation with him except as a satisfied customer.

An excellent ebike

I have no way to confirm this bike is 500Watts, I can say that the bike is able to carry a 250lbs person up hill with little to no effort. In fact, using a tandem bike bungee, I was able to pull a standard bike with a 100lb rider up a long and steep hill with both riders peddling. Impressive power.

Removing the battery pack does require removal of the seat, but both the seat and front tire have a quick release mechanism, making this a simple procedure. Adding third-party accessories such as a rear cargo holder, can be difficult due to the battery height, but it is doable with a little finesse.

1. It looks relatively normal
2. 500 Watts.
3. 13AH Battery
4. Quick Release Front Tire
5. Removable Battery
6. Headlight
7. Front Suspension
8. 5 Levels of pedal assist or Self Propelled.

1. No tail light. (Added battery powered LED tail)

Great e-bike

I received this bike in June of 2017. Its a great ebike and the price was good. I have been using it reliably for 5 months now. I had conversations with the manufacturer several times and he was great. You will not go wrong with this bike. Speed is good (reasonable for my 11 year old son) 20mph. Acceleration is fast. Battery lasts a long time. Use pedal assist or throttle alone. Everything you could want.

Love it, so fun

Love it, so fun. This bike will go about 18 – 19mph on flat ground with thumb throttle only I weight 200 lbs. The pedal assist is easy to use and adjust depending on your riding environment. When pedaling on flat it is relatively easy to hit 25mph (top speed the assets cuts out at 25mph) on the top pedal assist. Without any electric motor the bike still works well. I have taken it mountain biking and works great off road. I took a 30 mile road trip on flat ground most of the time on high pedal assist and I used up about 1/2 of the battery. Easy to put together. Highly recommend. 500W is plenty powerful.


Really fast! I can easily hit 20mph and I’m 220lbs. I was even able to hit 25mph on a slight downhill and pedaling hard. The motor cuts out at 20mph with a software speed limiter, probably best to keep it at 20 cuz it can be set to 25, but the motor struggles to keep up at around 23mph.

The instructions were somewhat vague, I accidentally put just about everything on backwards and had to realize myself, and the controls are barely even mentioned.

After 100 miles, I got a flat tire in the back, and decided that I didn’t want to deal with any flat tires so I put a flat-free tire in the back. I noticed that there are no rear shocks, so jumping off the curbs hits that back tire full force, no problems with the front tire at 350 miles now. The only downside to the flat free tire is that it makes the bike feel much heavier when the motor is off, like +2 on the gears, still gets to 20 and even managed to get it to 30 on a slight downhill. Not gonna take any stars off for the lack of rear shocks, it’s a mountain bike that I’m using as a city bike, plus the seat shocks cover the bumps pretty nicely.

Great bike!

Bought this bike a year ago. I ride it every day through every kind of weather. I’ve made a few upgrades along the way and had some minor required repairs but for 2500 miles on it, it’s held up remarkably well.

Tires. Replaced after getting two flats in two days. The bike shop recommended and my research confirmed, Schwelbe Marathon tires are the way to go. Haven’t had a flat since putting them on.

Front disc rotor. I’ve looked around, there aren’t too many ebikes that I’ve seen with larger rotors, but I wanted a little bit better stopping performance. If you’re going above 160mm, you’ll probably just get hydraulic brakes. I opted for a 200mm SRAM. Might install one on the rear as well. (By the way, spring a couple extra bucks for the shimano pads, tektro squeal too much).

New saddle. Original was comfortable enough but I bought a replacement for my wife’s bike and enjoyed it so I bought one for myself.

Mudguards. Both my fenders broke. I bought a cheap replacement, actually looks better I think.

I’m a 6’3 rider, in moderate shape. This bike is great. It basically fits me, although I’d love to bring the handlebars up another inch or two. 750kw is powerful. I love that’s it’s got a throttle. I have never pushed the battery to it’s limit, but I thought I screwed myself by forgetting to charge it before or during work but it got me over 25 miles, most of which were at full speed.

This is an awesome way to commute and has been a godsend during covid.

What a bike!

I have been using this bike for over a month and taking road trips from 5-8 miles with me doing as much pedaling as possible. I have clocked near a hundred total miles and the battery is still on 5 bars. It gives the boost needed for steep hills and whenever you just need a little break.
The quality of the components is superior and equal or better to bikes costing a $1000 more. It was easy to put together although the instructions a little vague in some areas. I have been recommending it to my friends and family.

Great e-bike!

My bike arrived in five days and was packed with great care! The bike was easy to put together ,and only took about 30 minutes. The best part is riding it !….very well built and very nice ride with lots of power ( I weigh 250 and it has no problems getting to top speed and has lots of power…..don’t think about it ….buy it…!…if it’s not out of stock….they sell fast!……Update!…Best customer service EVER!…had a small problem with our battery and DJ bikes got back to us right away and fixed the problem immediately!……I would recommend DJ bikes to anyone who is looking for a e-bike! ….A+

900+ miles and still happy

20201107 update. ridden 900+ miles, charged almost 100 times (i usually recharge it when it is halfway down). This week I tested the battery: ran for 21 miles and came back near empty, although it is hard to tell from the unhelpful king meter; note: i live in a very hilly place, my rides are half the time downhill, half the time uphill, so I only use battery half the time, in this case about 10 miles. I weigh 190 lbs. Still very happy with the bike, i just wished for an accurate battery meter so i dont have to worry about not making it back home (I live high in the hills)
20200712 update. ridden 700 miles. replaced brake pads at 600mi. adjusted a few small things. very happy.

20190911: BY now I have put some 50 miles on the bike. I absolutely love it. I can pedal it on a slight uphill (in the lowest gear) as well as my road bike, but it excels on the power assist. I learned to cross busy avenues using the throttle (the pedal assist takes a second or two to respond, which is disconcerting in traffic; the throttle responds instantaneously). It has cut my uphill commute time in half, and I dont even exceed 15 mph out of caution, not because it cant go faster. I learned from a friend that the disk brakes must be set the first few days by applying them gently over longer times, rather than slamming the brakes (I had not had disk brakes before). Again, I love this bike.

Great Bike

I have owned this bike for three month and I am very pleased. It is well made, easy to use and a lot of fun to ride. Seat is very comfortable and gets better the more you use it. Lot of power, I live in an area with a lot of big hills and this DJ Bike handles them no problem. I have rode this bike for over 1200 miles since new and I am just as please as the first time I rode it. I am 5’9″ 195 with bad knees and the peddle assist on steep hills is excellent and greatly reduces the stress on my knees. I have rode as far as 55 miles at one time and the battery still had lots of juice left. Now that is with peddle assist and not using the accelerator. That included several big hills and some head wind. I been using the bike to get to fly fishing spots and can cover a lot more area with this bike. I did a lot of research before I purchased this bike and I have yet to be disappointed.